Along with weddings, I also offer elopement packages as well. Elopements are becoming more popular in today's time, and I can honestly see why. Elopements are more intimate and focused on you and your significant other.

Eloping also gives you the chance to travel somewhere beautiful to exchange your vows. If you're not wanting to plan for a large, traditional wedding with hundreds of guests, then what's stopping you from planning an elopement and exchanging your vows in a breathtaking place, or anywhere that makes your heart happy? Garden of the Gods in Utah, Joshua Tree in California, the Oregon Coast, and even Asheville, North Carolina - there's so many options that you could choose from.

Photos that will last a lifetime

Telling your story is what's important

Telling your story is what's important, and it's okay to not want a large wedding. Elopements give you the option to still have your intimate family with you, or have it be just the two of you (and me third-wheeling of course). Those small and private ceremonies are just as important as large traditional weddings.

Maybe you don't like large crowds, or maybe you get nervous in front of them. That's okay!

Just like traditional weddings, elopements can differ from client to client, which is why I like to work closely with you during the process to make sure it's exactly what you've envisioned. I like to help plan in the ways that I can to ensure we shoot at the right times, have the correct permits, and anything else that's needed from a photographer's standpoint.

Elopements starting at $1500

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