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I'm Madison, but you can call me Madi, Mads - whatever makes your heart happy! I'm a Harry Potter fan, Chick-Fil-A loving, stay up all night, southern kind of girl! I have two fur babes - Kali and Ruger - and I have no shame in showing you every single picture I have ever taken of them. They are my little loves, as I call them. If you want to bring your fur babies to your session, I wouldn't be against it, only as long as I get to love on them!

I'm Madison, your new THIRD WHEEL BFF.

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Wanna know how I got started in photography? High school yearbook staff. Yep, you read that right! I was a part of my high school's yearbook staff and took pictures of the entire school. After high school, I put down my camera because I never really had the time. 2018 was the year that I got myself a new camera to "get back into photography" as a hobby. I just took photos of friends and family and in no way did I ever imagine I would own my own business doing something that I love, but here we are! I started out shooting anything I could, but I quickly came to realize that weddings and photographing couples is what I'm passionate about.

Fun fact, the camera shown in this picture was my grandmother's original polaroid camera!

I wasn't always a wedding photographer

This or That












Harry Potter movies


Dunkin iced coffee


Anything to better my business


Anything Morgan Wallen

1. I love love love film photography and have a collection of vintage cameras as well.

2. I'm that person that would rather re-watch a show than start something new. Guess how many times I've watched Pretty Little Liars.

3.  I'm a sucker for classic rock. 

4. I love thrifting and going to antique stores. I could spend all day long going to different antique shops and finding treasures.

Fun facts

film: my not so secret obsession

I have a slight obsession with film. There's just something about it that is so beautiful and timeless. To me, film captures the moment a lot differently that digital cameras do. It's like it freezes the moment and there's so much more emotion. With film, you can't preview the photos like you can with a digital camera. You have to wait for the film scans to come back to be able to see what you were able to capture, which makes it so exciting and fun. I love the surprising feeling I get when I get my scans back - it's just so magical!

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