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5 apps that I use as a photographer

Want to know my top 5 favorite apps that I use as a photographer?

As a photographer, I use 5 different apps almost daily to help me run my business, create stories, etc.

  1. Unscripted

Unscripted is an app that offers poses and prompts. When I am in a creative slump or just need inspiration, I 100% turn to this app! They have different categories that include from weddings, couples & engagements, families, individuals & branding, etc. Those are just a few of the categories they offer, but they offer a lot more! What I love about it is when you click on a photo that you like, it shows you the directions to give your clients, a photo example of what the prompt/pose looks like, and an extra prompt to give them an idea of what to do. Their new feature offers location assistance as well! Not only do they offer posing inspiration, but they offer education and resources, a sun tracker, and a camera settings guide as well. This app definitely needs to be on your device!

2. Preview

Preview is one app that I use almost every single day when I post on Instagram. It allows you to lay out your instagram feed and preview what your feed will look like before you actually make the post. If you’re anything like me, you like your colors to go together. I love a consistent feed and this app allows me to have that and see what photos look best together before I post! If you like to be organized and have a consistent looking feed, I definitely recommend downloading this!

3. HishHash

If you use hashtags on your instagram posts, then download this right now! This app lets you create categories for your tags and also shows you how many times the tag has been used. I love this because it shows me which tags are used more than others. It also allows me to have all of my tags in one. Before, I had all of my hashtags in a note on my phone and it was honestly a mess trying to copy and paste the ones I wanted. HishHash allows me to select the ones I want. Once I click copy, it copies the ones I have selected and I can easily paste them on Instagram. It also has the option to randomly select 30 hashtags to copy as well, which is super convenient!

4. Temply

Have you been wanting cute story templates but can’t find any? Temply has the cutest Instagram story templates to edit! They have so many different options to choose from to create your story and you can customize them just how you want them. I love using this app to create story announcements or sales!


Ever wondered how that photographer you follow creates those seamless instagram posts? THIS APP RIGHT HERE! This app is seriously one of my favorite apps. It allows you to put horizontal and vertical images in the same instagram post. I love using this to show off multiple photos from weddings or couples sessions!

Those are 5 of my favorite apps to use for my business! Hopefully this helped you and if you haven’t downloaded these already, what are you waiting for?!

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